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We now have part 2 of Chewy's tale illustrated by Oleg up! Here you can see part 1. https://pulptoon.com/we-need-a-pig-part-1/

Part 2 you can find here now. Enjoy!


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So glad you like! I am lucky to get to work with such talented people. Chewy is an awesome writer and Oleg is an amazing artist. Adapting this for comic form was fun :)
I really loved the written story. I actually get frustrated with the lack of stories that feature straight forward dispatch and butchering.
I prefer it over live cooking.
As for the previews I am shocked they are giving that much away.
It was a very good amount of comic art and very good stuff.
Again loved the healthy but plump shape and the butchering aspects.
Top stuff
Thanks! Well...thank Chewy lol. And Oleg. All I did was prep the script and organize the project. Chewy was very kind to let me use that story.

There is a lot more in the comic but the preview images are salacious too. I love Oleg's work :) Glad you do as well. And of course Chewy knows how to write good work short enough to adapt into comic form.
For some reason this one will not load up except for the title picture. All other premium content seems to be fine.
This is the link to view the page