1. Rolando Admin

    A Pulpsploitation Saga by Dr. Froyd

    20 LURID PAGES! @Dr. Froyd brings us a series of lurid and kinky Pulpsploitation sagas. Filled with damsels, demons, monsters and fiends, no victim is safe from what lurks in the shadows. Want to see what happens? Click here right now!
  2. PulptoonPremium

    We Need a Pig Part 2

    We now have part 2 of Chewy's tale illustrated by Oleg up! Here you can see part 1. Part 2 you can find here now. Enjoy! CLICK HERE TO SEE IT
  3. PulptoonPremium

    Helen Hurricane and the Just Ass League

    When internet insta-superheroines Helen Hurricane and Diva Destruction are sent on a real life mission by the Just Ass League, they end up biting off more than they can chew. You know what internet superhero shenanigans means...bots, trolls and the deep web! Madame Bitchface is of course ready...
  4. PulptoonPremium

    Mad Magneetum's Devious Devices! Gretal Attraction part 1

    New comic by our kinky creator Malzarr! At Pulptoon Tech, Greta, Brittany and Tiffany speculate what happened to Abby Greer with the perfect rear. They have no idea that their squad companion has ended up in the claws of Mad Doctor Magneetum. The not so good doctor is about to use his devious...
  5. Rolando Admin

    Mad Magneetum’s Devious Devices! Part 2

    Abby is terminally fucked. She is about to experience titillating torture that trumps her most traumatic nightmares. This little muffin is about to be stripped of all her humanity as the mad Doctor turns her into his toy and his entre! Yes, a large cucumber will be included.
  6. Rolando Admin

    Some Teasers - Nadia and April

    Nadia Noja and April Storm
  7. Rolando Admin

    Updates coming soon the Pulptoon!

    Stay tuned! Lots of fun stuff, new and old peril/cannibal/snuff/danger/drama and vore concepts and surprises coming soon!
  8. Rolando Admin

    Scam Alert!

    New Comic by Jose! We present part one of a tale from The Town, (a perverse place of perilous delights where the old feed upon the young sexually and literally!). When the wholesome, young house wife Angela lets the wrong people into her home, she ends up being the main course of a kinky...
  9. Rolando Admin

    Cann Cafe 4 'boiled Brat!'

    Check it out here!
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    Pulptoon presents a brand new series of tumultuous adventure and tantalizing kink! Our tale starts with two girls exploring the ruins of an abandoned government facility. Adventurous Karen convinces her timid and wary freind Amy to follow her onto the condemned land. The infamous bunker X is...