1. Rolando Admin

    It’s been too long! Time for Juicy Pics

    I have all these bts shots of the last few shoots I’ve done. They’re pretty tasty Lita Lecherous Bree Brooks Juliana Dreams
  2. PulptoonPremium

    We Need a Pig Part 2

    We now have part 2 of Chewy's tale illustrated by Oleg up! Here you can see part 1. Part 2 you can find here now. Enjoy! CLICK HERE TO SEE IT
  3. Rolando Admin

    'Field Reporter' New Comic Up

    We follow the story of a busty and curvy redhead who is on a mission to report on an untamed land. She is about to become the plaything and sustenance to a tribe of women eaters who also seem to like head...the heads of women! See what happens in this sordid comic by Dr. Curare: 'Field Reporter'