1. PulptoonPremium

    'Swamp' by Oleg

    Oleg brings us another incredible tale of peril. When a city blonde gets lost in a murky swamp while hiking, things take a turn for the tasty. It’s bad enough that she has to endure gators and snakes, but when she meets the gator man he makes the critters and beasts look like a walk in the park.
  2. PulptoonPremium

    Oven Encounter [Updated 8/30/23]

    Incredible erotic writer 'Sawney Bean' and classical artist Oleg bring this collaboration of kinky fun. A hapless girl in a King's kitchen finds herself in peril as she is prepared to be the main course for a royal banquet. In the the oven, she meets Brian, another long pig. The oven temperature...
  3. PulptoonPremium

    We Need a Pig Part 2

    We now have part 2 of Chewy's tale illustrated by Oleg up! Here you can see part 1. https://pulptoon.com/we-need-a-pig-part-1/ Part 2 you can find here now. Enjoy! CLICK HERE TO SEE IT https://pulptoon.com/we-need-a-pig-2-page/