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  1. Rolando Admin

    Boobs And All: Feature Coming this Summer

    Shot the end of a feature starring Codi Vore and Funnybone that will be coming out summer 2024. We will shoot the beginning of this after Codi recovers from her surgery. She elected to get a breast reduction and lipo which she has openly talked about on social media. (I urge people who do not...
  2. PulptoonPremium

    Dantina's Inferno

    Busty Dantina makes the mistake of showing up to school one day in a very inappropriate outfit. She is chastised by Ms. Lonza and Miss Lupa and sent to detention, where Ms. Leone punishes the young delinquent. In detention, Dantina meets Virgil. Also known by his less compassionate peers as...
  3. PulptoonPremium

    We Need a Pig Part 2

    We now have part 2 of Chewy's tale illustrated by Oleg up! Here you can see part 1. Part 2 you can find here now. Enjoy! CLICK HERE TO SEE IT
  4. Rolando Admin

    Were-Plant! Now Available!

    I had to have Nadia for this. Nadia White makes the best facial expressions and gets these really big fear eyes that are great. It turned out to be a fun shoot! And will be coming soon. :) Jason Michaels and Nadia White are enjoying a romantic day together. Michael keeps stopping Nadia though...
  5. PulptoonPremium

    Witch Detention with Graycee Baybee

    Graycee finds herself magically transported to witch school detention. She has proven to be a bad little witch and the big, mean witch, Agatha, is going to punish her. Witch School, punishment means getting boiled in a stew for a faculty feast. Poor Graycee is humiliated as she is...
  6. PulptoonPremium

    We Need a Pig! Part 1

    Writer ‘Chewy’ and artist Oleg’s talents come together in this salacious tale. ‘We Need a Pig’ What happens to a spoiled brat who pisses off her restaurant owning uncle one too many times? The original story is attached also. We thank Chewy for letting us use this amazing story...
  7. PulptoonPremium

    Mad Magneetum's Devious Devices! Gretal Attraction part 1

    New comic by our kinky creator Malzarr! At Pulptoon Tech, Greta, Brittany and Tiffany speculate what happened to Abby Greer with the perfect rear. They have no idea that their squad companion has ended up in the claws of Mad Doctor Magneetum. The not so good doctor is about to use his devious...
  8. Rolando Admin

    Scam Alert!

    New Comic by Jose! We present part one of a tale from The Town, (a perverse place of perilous delights where the old feed upon the young sexually and literally!). When the wholesome, young house wife Angela lets the wrong people into her home, she ends up being the main course of a kinky...