The Bad Side of Town


Cannibal Clown M.D.
Freaks and perverts step right UP! The Town Corporate Broadcast System PRESENTS a late night grindhouse horror saga of CARNAL CARNAGE exclusively on PulpToon Darkside+

Premium subscribers can see it all right HERE.
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I don't know if it's just me, but the link seems to be broken. Whenever I click it, I am redirected to this site.
No, it still just loops back to this forum post, and so does the link on the main site, even if I am logged in as a premium member.
FIXED PROBLEM! turns OUT that one of my dinner guests ESCAPED and was SCREWING with my television! ApolOGIES for the DELAY!!!! KREEPEE TV is broadcasting AGAIN! The guilty PARTY hAS BEEN thoroughly PUNISHED HAhaqhahahahah
yeah, unfortunately it's still looping. Any reason it can't be posted normally?