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Here's a thread where I will post general stuff that's on my mind & various sketches and works in progress.
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The 1st update should be forthcoming in the coming day or two. I'll be working hard to reset the scheduled updates towards the beginning of each month instead of the latter end, hopefully at least that'll be my New Year's resolution
Been on a real deep dive recently as I flesh out the Tales of the Vanished world. I'm planning to revamp the Index page. Sometimes I do get on an Alex Jones style rabbit hole when researching.
Hope everyone had a pleasant thanksgiving. Aiming to have one more update by the end of the month, which makes 3 updates, but I will make it up in terms on the number of artwork. Then next month, I will begin to try to update much earlier in the month as opposed towards the end of it.
Apologies to Nov month subscribers as I try to catch up to the update. Just posted the more recent one which will count as a Nov update. I'll post the next Dec update in the coming few days and that will count as the 1st of the month with a new password.
New Carte du Jour #185 up for the month! Please support me & the site at with more details over there. Your patronage is much appreciated!

I'm working to be earlier on my updates, at least pushing it towards the beginning of the month instead of the middle or end. That could be my next year's resolution and rest assured, I have lots of artworks in the bank, it's a matter of tying these stories together in a presentable manner. Like piecing together puzzles in a jigsaw and seeing which ones matches the best!

Furthermore, I know when I'm in my deep creative hole, I'm not as present on social media as I should be, and sometimes my replies will come to you a few days later, but I will always reply to each and every one of you if you run into issues regarding subscription, content or more. It does help keep me on an even keel to not keep looking at my mailbox or PMs as these things do distract me from the meat of the matter, these updates that you all are craving for... and with that, I continue with a new pivot on our Tales regarding the Vanished... a change of narrative to make our devious characters, the Van Duynes, the Osnovatel, "Anibal the Cannibal", and more as mysterious figureheads, the boogeymen and monsters of legend as I liked how things went with the story regarding the female journalist in the 90's, now I present the modern day version... a group of freelance journalists who are slowly uncovering the exploits of this dark Cannibal Society, called the "Doe Patrol".

We present the story in written form with what they know, and with the art form of what we know. I hope you'll like this approach.
absolutely love your stuff. looking forward to when i can afford to see more again :) and you're definitely an influence on my own sketches and stuff.
Thanks all of you for the comments. It's nice to hear I have some sort of influence anywhere.

In other news... a bit of a wait, but an update is done. Happy Conjunction Day!

Here's a sketch from one of a developing story... some day I swear I'm going to finish these stories into a comic. By then, I believe I'm going to have loads of stories in the bank!
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