New Pulp Movie Starring Harper Red and Agatha Delicious!


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The Dark Witch of Westbrook: Harper's Last House​

Harper Red is a girlscout in the town of Westbrook. She knocks on the wrong door one day. The person at the door is none other than the Dark Witch of Westbrook(Agatha Delicious). But Harper does not believe in witches. In fact, no one does, which makes hunting a lot easier for the evil succubus. The witch offers to buy 100 boxes and easily tempts the naïve young redhead to stay for tea. But soon, Harper realizes she has entered the wrong house. As Harper tries to explain what kind of cookies she is selling, the witch seems to be interested in something else. Harper discovers something scary and tries to run! But it is too late! Suddenly she finds herself being captured and stripped by this strange woman. It turns out that there is such thing as witches! And this witch wants to eat poor Harper. Bashful harper is naked now in the kitchen as the witch prepares her for her dinner, basting her and stuffing her with veggies and a meat thermometer to make sure her rump doesn't over cook. The girl begs and bargains but the witch only mocks her lovingly, endeared by her innocence. The witch tastes Harper all over, from her sweet pussy to her tender arms and feet. Harper is popped into the oven and bakes and is then served by the hungry witch, who pulls a veggie from Harper's wet pussy and licks it, enjoying her hot flavor before she sinks her teeth into the girl.​

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Really liked it. I'm a big fan of cute girl next door redheads and Harper definitely fits the bill. I also love your playfully cruel cooking persona and how you sexualized the prep while keeping it clear she was ultimately meat. 10/10!