Gated (New Pulp movie) starring Scarlet Skies


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Scarlet Skies wakes up to find herself in a strange room. She does not know how she got there. She is disoriented and has lost time. Elodie Lee watches Scarlet, who finally turns her baby blue eyes to the nymph-like beauty. Elodie warns Scarlet that a wicked game is about to take place. And Scarlet is the target in this fox hunt. As the story unfolds, Scarlet finds that she is in a place outside of any law, order or morals she knows where humans hunt humans. But there are indeed rules in this game. And cheating has dire consequences for all involved.

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I love how the videos get a always increasing production quality! This one was fun to watch! 🥰 The fresh approach (of a fantasy I enjoy a lot, personally) was exciting 😛
I’ve noticed that 😋 but it somehow gave off the impression that she managed to flee and hide for hours before finally being caught 😅
I appreciate the departure from the standard scenarios but overall wasn't a fan of this one. Eight minutes isn't really enough time to develop a psychological thriller (which I felt this was more like than anything else) and the cann content was very limited with zero cooking or prep. Thank you for making an effort to switch things up though!
That was why at the end we had the butchery scenario instead. Since it was more about butchery and not campy cann. But we will also do clips like that too always. Variety.