Vore Menu 300: Feed the women


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Part 2

Bella felt something at her ankle. Horror hit her it had begun she saw this pink ooze had already consumed her foot and was travelling quickly up her leg.
She tried to pull her leg out but as she tried it the blob had begin consume her second leg. At this point she knew it was over and stopped fighting.

As Bella stopped fighting she felt a weird tingling sensation it felt soothing and good. It brought a smile to her face.
She forgot that this was the end for her and started to enjoy being consumed. Before she knew it the blob had her arms pinned. She sat down and let it travel up to her neck.

Finally Bella smiled the blob slowly travelled up her beautiful face before consuming her completely.


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Part 3

The girls could hear Bella gurgling as the blob began to enter her body, finally her pleasurable smile was swapping for agony. A loud painful scream could be heard from the blob where Bellas now consumed body was suspended in.

Soph and Bella watched on as Bella clothes all disappeared leaving her beautiful well toned muscular body naked and at the mercy on the blob. Minutes later her flesh dissolved. At this point Dr Vore shut the curtain.

“Another 10 minutes and she will be gone. There won’t even be a trace of her left. Instant metabolism means she’s digested and absorbed in 20 minutes on less.” Dr Vore explained.

”Now one of you will be joing our feast and going on this Plaque as our winner and the other is going to fed to the most popular beast.” Dr Vore smiled and left.

Beth took a peak through the curtain. All that was left was Bellas bones. She jumped back and looked at Soph. Soph let out a single tear.


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Then there were two

Who gets eaten by the plant. Sophie or Beth.

but don’t forget there’s a special surprise in store for the last person standing at the end of the series. A feast in their honour will await them.

top: Nic(eaten by pitcher plant) Jane (eaten by snake), Bella (absorbed by blob), Aileen (eaten by a snake)
bottom: Soph, Bea (eaten by the spider) Beth, Kim (Eaten by Worm)


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Part 1

“ The public have chosen, the person that will be fed to the plant…………………….Soph” Dr Vore Annoucned.

” that means our soul survivor and champion of Lab 300 is Beth” He added.

Soph and Beth hugged. Soph now knew what a what awaited her. She took a big gulp and stepped forward to toward Dr. Vore to begin her final walk of her life.

” good luck Beth“ Soph said with a lump in her throat.

“I will be back once this is no more, to make sure you are ready for the Champions feast Beth!” Dr Vore explained as he walked Soph down to the lab to meet the Plant.

Beth felt nervous as she knew there was no way in which winning was good she knew there had to be some kind of plot twist coming.


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Part 2

Soph entered the lab with Dr Vore watching. The plant stood proud in the middle of the room. All the other predators had been taken back to their holding facility. It then hits her it was all real. Jane and Aileen were gone metabolised by two hungry snakes. Kim was gone completely by the hands of the worm. Bea really had been drunk dry and then mashed up by the spider and finally Nic was completely digested and absorbed the same way she was about to by the plant.

”Let’s get this over with” Soph said to herself.

she looked up saluted Beth and with two feet jumped into the maw of the plant. She felt the heat of feet and calves right away the digestive juices were already starting to turn her into nutrients. The plant began to ooze with digestive enzymes as it sucked Sophs long body down into the pitcher. She thought about how she used to love a pitcher of alcohol and now she was about to become a pitcher of nutrient soup for this plant.

Finally her head was sucked in and the lid closed it was time to digest Soph completely.


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Part 3

Soph felt her whole body tingle. She could no longer see the outside world as her body began to become covered in pain. She watched as her socks and the beginning of her blue jumpsuit began to dissolve and it hit her every bit of her is about to dissolve.

10 minutes later through the pain Soph could smell a sweat smell and she knew it was her own body being turned into nutrients. She looked down to see her feet were now just bones the flesh gone from her calves and flesh was starting to drop of her arm and chest. She knew did not have long left.

Soph pit her head under the digestive juices. And sank to the bottom. Soph passed seconds later and her face began to melt.

Finally Beth watched as the plant opened its mouth to display the juiciest meatiest part of Sophs succulent body. Her right ass and thigh appeared. Beth watched as all tasty flesh and incredible meat melted. And finally so did her thigh bone.

Soph was gone and was now nutrients that are quickly being absorbed.

Dr Vore put his hand on Beth shoulder then ran his hand on to her left buttock before grabbing her thigh. “Let’s get you ready for the surviving champions feast. It’s an all you can eat buffet with tasty food” Dr Vore told Beth.

”But first let’s retire to my quarters to have sex” Dr Vore said to Beth.


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Join Us Sunday. For the Lab 300 Winners Feast.

it’s going to be an all you can eat buffet.

what part of her do you want?


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Dr Vore left Beth in the hands of Vore Menus top chef. She was quickly placed onto a roasting tray. The chef grabbed an apple and placed it into Beth’s mouth.

the chef grabbed his knife and cut all of her clothes off and removed her heels. He grabbed a brush and dippped into the honey glaze. The chef then began to brush the glaze onto Beth bum and thighs.

the chef covered her whole body in glaze. Before she could be placed in the preheated oven Dr Vore returned with a wooden plaque which had Beth’s name on it. She took a big gulp as she saw the chef approach her with a big knife.


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Part 3

All do the Vore Menu Staff took their seats ready to enjoy Beth’s cooked meat.

After much anticipation all of Beth’s Cooked Body was brought out in different meals for different body parts. Her succulent thigh hams were particularly popular with staff. Dr Vore enjoyed a nice slice of Beth’s left thigh ham. The grabbed her calf like drumstick. He admired the definition on her calf before taking a juicy bite right out of it. He moaned with pleasure as he savoured the taste.

Just one hour after beginning Beth was a pile of bones on several plates. But Dr Vore had one more surprise.


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Part 4

Dr Vore bright out Beth’s head mounted on a plaque with gold Namplate immortalising her victory and meal. Then a silver platter was brought from the kitchen.

The chef removed the lid to show. Beth incredible legendary arse all cooked, steam rising from it, the smell of her cooked flesh, meat and the honey glaze filled the air. Dr Vore cut a slice from her bum for everyone. Dr Vore called a toast.

”To our winner of Season 1 and the best meal any of us have ever had.........BETH” Dr Vore shouted as he looked at Beth’s smiling face now mounted on the wall.

He took his fork with the ass meat and flesh on it held it to his mouth. So did the rest of the staff at the table. All at once then ate their piece of Beth’s incredible tender, succulent and legendary ass. All moaned with pleasure.

That’s that for our Season 1. Let me know what you thought. As this was my first time doing a story series long term.


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I enjoyed it making the last one too much.
let’s do another

Later today voting will open for 8 new victims. Who gets eaten you will decide.


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Lab 300 Season 2 Round 1 The Snake

Love the last series decided to do a second.

Post in the comments your 1st 2nd and 3rd choice to eaten who ever gets the most picks will face the anaconda

Top: Rachel, Sara, Nichola, Hayley
Bottom: Frear, Ash, Lucie, Amy