Vore Menu 300: Feed the women


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To celebrate the 300th post on DA. I have compiled some of the best Vore menu damsels and I’m going to let you decide who you want to see to get eaten by the anaconda in a future post

Post in the comments your 1st 2nd and 3rd choice to eaten who ever gets the most picks will face the anaconda

Top: Nic, Jane, Bella, Aileen
Bottom: Soph, Bea, Beth, Kim


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So far the top 3 are. Bella, Aileen & Jane.

ill announce the winner tomorrow night so keep letting us know who’s the ones you want to see get eating by an anaconda


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and Round 1 was tied so we are going to feed both Jane and Aileen to Snakey the Anaconda

stay tuned for Manip and story

stay tuned for Round 2 where our resident plant will be fed.


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Round 2

With Jane and Aileen digesting into nutrients for some snakes we move onto round 2

pick your top 3 and the winner gets eaten by the plant

but don’t forget there’s a special surprise in store for the last person standing at the end of the series

top: Nic, Jane (eaten by snake), Bella, Aileen (eaten by a snake)
bottom: Soph, Bea, Beth, Kim


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Part 1

Dr Vore returned to announce that Nic was to be fed to the plant.

the other 5 breathed a sigh of relief but Nic was over the moon and couldn’t wait to get started and get herself ready for the plant.

”Nic if you could follow me down to the lab it’s time you were eaten” Dr Vore asked Nic.

”YES PLEASE” she eagerly responded.

”if it’s any consolation you’ll be fully digested before Jane or Aileen they have still about another week to go.


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Part 2

Nic walked into the room and her heart was filled with glee when she saw the plant.

Dr Vore motioned to her to go to the plant.

Dr Vore left the room leaving just Nic and her destiny, The Plant. She stroked the body of the plant in anticipation. She then rubbed her hand onto her breasts to give them once last feel. Her hands moved to her bum which she grabbed as she began bite her lip at the thought of her legendary thick ass being dissolved into nutrients. Finally she put her hands on to her incredible thighs giving them one last squeeze, she closed her eyes imaging her thigh lying in the digestive juices as it dissolved away.

Finally she could fantasise no more. she’s placed her foot into the plant then her other foot till she was standing in the plant. She could feel the warmth of the very liquid that would turn her into nothing in less than an hour. She felt the suction of the plants lip suck her body down. She looked up at the drone filming it all. Then the suction cause her to orgasm. This incredible orgasm caused her body to be sucked all the way down to her neck.

she looked up for the last time at the world. Nic moved her head from side to side in the hope of full consumption as soon as possible. Finally with an audible pop she was gone from the world forever. She could hear the lid close down. Her fate sealed as is her body.

over the next 5 minutes she watched the digestive juices oozing and spraying from walls as it digested all of her clothes. She then had her final orgasm. The juice rose above her head and now digestion of her thick juicy succulent body would truly begin.