The Witch of Westbrook Returns! JUNE/2020

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The Witch of Westbrook Returns

We are proud to announce that artist Oleg Okunev is working on a Witch of Westbrook squeal for Pulptoon! Here is a little teaser. Stay tuned! We will be posting this comic soon. The story of Jemma and her brother Tom unfolds as they try to document the woman they think is the Witch of Westbrook returned to their town. They have no idea what is really in store for them when they get a little too curious and thirsty for fame...

More of his work can be found here

This comic will only be at Pulptoon

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The Administrator
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Thanks for the enthusiasm all...and don't worry..they wont be careful, (but you may wanna be, Penelope! what a pretty name) ;)

so letting you all know i am posting this today! in a few hours! I apologize for the delay.


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(and you, Agatha, had delayed my sleeping time - timezone difference... Not like it's the first time, or that I am regretting it... After all, that was me who showed you this artist and his potential interest in our community...)
And, damn, I am so much proud and excited to see my co-citizen as a Pulptoon Premium artist!!!