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Hello All,

This is Agatha. I have debated whether should post about this or not but feel it is appropriate. One of our artists, Oleg,
lives in one of the Russian-taken cities at the moment in Ukraine, Kherson. There is nothing we can send to him, but he is alive and ok. They are cut off from supplies and any help at the moment. I worry for him and his family and not only him, but all our community members going through this at the moment who are involved in this conflict and in this area of the world. The fact that Oleg is an amazing artist aside, I just hope he makes it through. This is nothing against any Russian people here, by the way. This situation, as we all know, is very sad for the civilians and innocent people in Ukraine but we all know this.

He did mention that we can donate to help Ukraine, even if it cannot help the people in his city at the moment, and I would like to post some links to donation funds here. I'm sure many of us are trying to help in any way we can.

Here are some links. I'm sure there are many others.

Hope all of you are doing ok. Thanks
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