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From a release after her death from her family and boyfriend.

"Kitty had been suffering for a very long time, was struggling from depression, and they do not believe she was coaxed into taking her life. At this time, Kitty's family is requesting privacy to grieve and mourn. I want to make sure that my brothers and sisters in the industry get the closure they deserve, and that her family is able to mourn properly. They are already going through so much."

It is truly sad such a beauty left us so soon.



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I just bought a clip from one of Agatha's clip4sale store called Cann Cafe 7 Rebel Rides Spit and near the end where the meat is being roasted over what looked like flames of a fire. I thought that was a nice touch there, although I was worried that the feet would be burnt when they were going through the CGI flames.

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Double Update! On Clips 4 Sale and Delish Media!

--Only on Clips 4 Sale--
"Miss Turkey Trotter"
Sexy, leggy Lydia Back has won the Miss Turkey Trotter competition. She has some great calves and thighs and easily won the contest as she strutted her stuff down the runway. Cutie blonde Kaiia Eve is the chef who is ready to give Lydia her grand prize..which is to prepare her luscious legs to be roasted up like a turkey. Kaiia welcomes the nervous damsel and begins to strip and baste her in her pan. Kaiia stuffs Lydia with a huge cucumber until she cums hard, tenderizing her meat and shoving an apple in her mouth. Lydia is popped into the oven and served hot!


--Only on "Cauldrons and Cauldron Accessories"

Nadia Noja has been hired as a delivery girl for Cauldron and Cauldron Accessories, the best cauldron company around. It has been a strange gig. So far she has only had one delivery. Little does she know that this will be the only delivery she ever does. She is in fact PART of the delivery. When Nadia shows up to April Storm's house to deliver the giant pot, April wants to see more. She wants to see what her ingredients look like under Nadia's clothing. By the time it dawns on Nadia that this is a delivery service for women eaters which comes with a free woman upon purchase, it is too late! Now poor Nadia is stripped and made to get into the boiling water as April happily cooks her for her dinner, poking her plump little rump with a fork and seasoning her all over until Nadia sinks into the water and is ready to be tasted.



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I have a great idea for Agatha if she chose to do a full length film. It's similar to the Tales From The Darkside film which had a story linking the 3 individual little stories.

My idea for Agatha film would begin like the film where we see our cannibal coming into the kitchen and we see a cage with the future meal. The young tender meal will plead to be let out and tries to delay by reading from a book 3 stories, while the cannibal would prepare the stuffing or whatever between each individual story is told. The first story could be about a witch who prepares and oven cooks her captured meal. The seonc story could be about an ogre who prepares and roasts her meal on a rotating spit. The final story could be about an island native who prepares and boils her meat in a cauldron. At the end of the film, the cannibal tells her caged meal that she was going to spit roast and she shows her the spit and laughs evily as the film ends.