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I really love those point and click adventure quest, solve the problem type games here is a link to two pathetic attempts i made years ago but its proof of concept. ogre quest was an idea i had you inherit your late grandfathers run down restaurant and cook book!
you need to reintroduce the culinary arts to ogredom!
The point of ogre quest was to escape the Cavens and hunt for girls on the topside then bring them home to fatten up.
Each girl loved different foods and it was going to have different outcomes and total end game score based on the recipes you collected cooked and fed the girls as well as the recipes you made them into.
the evil Corporation of KFG Kentucky fried girl was monopolising the market! they had terrible ethical standards and the food made ogres turn red and aggressive.
if anybody want to take this idea and run with im down for that lol I can give advice or ideas.
id suggest AGS studio for the engine
heres a link to archived footage


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