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Just look at this cute, little, tasty sole :D


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If you are a cannibal and love feet, why are you posting feet in a bathtub or bed?
What about a feet salad?

or maybe a gumbo soup with feet....

or maybe a red beans casserole with feet ...
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The imps snuck up as she bent over, unable to resist the smell, they prepared their assault. In seconds shed be unconscious and teleported back to their lair. She will be stripped naked and become a toy for one week for the community , then tortured in the city square by their elders. Lastly they will devour her alive. Biting her breasts and thighs. Every inch had an imp tearing away at her. One grabbed her big toe and shredded it with its teeth to the bone. Another bit a wrinkle by her heel and tore her entire heel from her sole. In no time all that was left were bones and black painted toenails


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I'm not specifically and especially interested in feet myself, but I recently wrote a couple of foot-fetish cannibal stories for a friend on the DGF that you folks may be interested in. I've had some foot fetishists tell me that I got the foot focus part down really well!

Becoming Daddy's Pet (amputation, beheading, petgirl) - A girl ecstatically gives up her hands and feet to become a pet. Foot focus.

Ariel's Fascination (Disney's Little Mermaid, MF/F, foot focus, cannibalism) - Ariel's got a new set of feet, and she is fascinated by them!