Anna Paquin becomes a vampire's dinner in True Blood [video]

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Here's a pretty hot scene of actress Anna Paquin being stripped naked and then bitten by a ravenous vampire from the new HBO series "True Blood." I haven't watched any episodes yet, but this scene is pretty damn good:

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I love the show,and yes i must have wached this sceen 5 times now :p


Thanks Chief,
Well, not bad, a bed scene with a bonus of dental prothesis and two litres of Bordeaux. Sex and and vampirism are not intended to work together, and mixing them, except in a "Carmilla" situation, is not easy.

And where is my fear? my supranatural mood? my moon-and-bats environment?

I wonder if finally I don't prefer the oldies B-series, where kisses on lips wer cut off by censorship...but with really innocent ponytail-haired and milky half-hidden breasted victims. With a true old'castle, with dark-blue sky torn with thunder lightnings, the little room up in the roofs where the young maid sleeps, a brief fly of bats into the night, the window handle turning by itself, the move of the wind into the curtain (sometimes with some flakes, super bonus) all that, well, I stop here,
Thanks, Chief.
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Sookie doesn't mind the bites...that's why Bill has her take Vitamin B supplements! haha


it's pretty good but doesn't follow the true vampire genre of not exposing yourself but it's a good soap opera


The show has had a scene like this before. The first time they had sex, she could see Bill was trying to hold back his hunger and it was uncomfortable for him, so she gave him permission to go ahead and have a snack ;)


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Would definitely like to see more of this! I don't have HBO and havent been able to see too much of it, xcept some snippets on utube.


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come on, guys, vampires need some sex from time to time. remember seeing that japanese movie vampire hunter D, D's father was the lord of all the nobles.


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Ahh, good memories... personally I was more on Team Eric (actually Team Pam - let bygones be bygones, bi girls be bi girls xx) but Bill did have his moments. And Anna Paquin was absolutely delicious as Sookie.