3D verses 2D

2D verses 3D

  • 2D

    Votes: 32 60.4%
  • 3D

    Votes: 21 39.6%

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The Administrator

The Administrator
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I’m curious what you guys prefer. We have been doing a lot of 3D comics and they seem to be very popular. we produce 2D also, but do you guys prefer 3-D if it is done well? We do have quite a few 3-D comics in store but we will still produce drawn comics with traditional artists. I’m just curious how much you guys prefer the latter. I know that adding expression and emotion is important with 3-D. And luckily our 3-D artist have been able to incorporate that. Let me know what you guys think. Thank you
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I like both, but if I have to be honest the 2D’s panels you offer make me more excited than the 3D’s ones, despite the good 3D’s artist you have. So I vote 2D


I definitely prefer 2D but tbh it's all good, I was thinking that it's been months since you released anything new, I checked and it's only 2 weeks, this second lockdown is totally destroying my sense of time.


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I voted 2D, though my opinion is pretty much my opinion about animation: 2D seems to have more freedom, but 3D is quickly catching up. I started taking notice around the time "Tangled" came out, and now some recent offerings seem to start rivaling 2D. Not to be a total 2D snob, I love when 3D goes really high depth with texture, especially with human skins, even when it's more of that wax model type feel.