What do Pulptoon Supporters wanna see More of?


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I would be surprised if there weren’t a way to attract more takers to vampire content, even if it’s not the usual cup of tea for people here. Clips4Sale is overflowing with vampire videos, some of them really elaborately produced, so someone’s buying them - Primal, Dixie Comet, Ludella Hahn & others all doing top quality stuff and half of it using the same actresses as DelishMedia. I’d say there’s plenty of an audience to be had for solid vamp clips, it’s just about getting word of it in front of the right eyes.

[Sidebar: Vampire clip I’d love to see - a young couple take up an offer for a beginner’s bondage & submission session with an S&M club. The mistress greets the nervous couple and is a total professional as she introduces them to their first such experiences. Once they’re both bound, nude & helpless, she reveals that this isn’t actually an S&M club, but rather a vampires’ den, and she isn’t actually a dominatrix, but rather the vampires’ caterer. A brood is called up to dinner, and the terrified man and woman find themselves subjected to the predations of countless hands and mouths before being completely drained.]

As for cann content, when I think about what I’d like to see, it’s not so much the scenarios I look for but the details of execution. These for me are what I look for when shopping gynophagia, here and elsewhere:
- Acting. I know it’s kinda stupid, but the performers convincingly playing the parts - the hunger of the predator, the terror of the prey, etc. - is the biggest factor for me in whether a scene “clicks.” A scene could mirror one of my personal fantasies down to every last detail, but if the performances are flat or unconvincing, it wouldn’t do a thing for me. Finding your best performers and building scenes to their strengths is the formula for top material, whatever the subject.

- Family stuff. Here’s where I’m lost with a lot of the content out there. The family taboo scenarios are a huge turn-OFF for me. Huge. The moms, stepmoms, siblings thing - I struggle to understand how or why this has kind of taken over porn. It’s now at a point where the majority of content involving an actress over 40 has something to do with relations or near-relations getting it on. So I’ll admit that there are several DM & PT videos which I have avoided due to “taboo” premises, videos whose scenarios would have otherwise appealed to me and been instant purchases. Any new content that features less of the family stuff is an automatic plus.

- The Full Female Form. Because this is adult content, I get the tendency to focus primarily on the naughty bits. And really, a scene wouldn’t be complete without the naughty bits getting their showcase moment. But the beauty of cann content is that the entire body becomes an object of intense desire, so a huge plus would be including more focus on more of the luscious delectable bodies of your models. Arms, thighs, shoulders, calves... much of your audience salivates for these wonderful parts, but often (and this goes for cann content from everywhere) these parts are given a brush of oil and an idle squeeze and otherwise are disregarded in favor of butts and boobs. To see a predator take her quivering prey on a butcher’s tour of her own body and all its usable meat... never gets old. I think of the clip Samhain Afterparty, when the witch couldn’t resist licking and squeezing the unsuspecting victim’s thighs repeatedly, salivating in anticipation - that sort of treatment to a woman’s entire body would be erotic insanity.

- Livestock Handled Like Livestock. I have enjoyed the live whole roaster scenes over the years but will admit they only take me so far anymore because the premise of putting a living person in an oven seems to be either too campy or too gruesome to be sexy. In reality (which is not to say I ever want to see ANY of this happen in real life), this is not how we would generally prepare a human for consumption. Now, I know the “slaughter & butcher” type of content generally doesn’t appeal to you, and I feel likewise about anything heavy gore or torture. But I think, like the Twistd videos, there are ways to subtly convey this aspect of the human livestock fantasy without any overt yuckiness or elaborate special FX, keeping it sexy the whole way. In any case, what gives the prospect of butchering its appeal for me in this fantasy is not witnessing the act itself but rather the peril of the waiting victim and her terror as she discovers her fate. Likewise, never underestimate the erotic power of making the audience fill in the blanks with their imagination. I’ve always pictured a scene of a wealthy socialite woman visiting her human meat purveyor to pick up her latest order of girl meat, and she’s a wicked little thing who wants to sit and watch him slaughter and butcher his latest catch. I picture only the socialite in frame as she intently watches the action off screen, slowly bringing herself to orgasm in response. In this case, the slaughter would be a simple matter of sound effects, and I think you’d be amazed at what the muffled pleas of a gagged woman or the sound of a water bottle slowly spilling onto a concrete floor can trigger in the minds of a cann fetishist.

I always appreciate these feedback/idea threads. Thanks so much for all the amazing content you have produced and continue to produce. Stay safe and beautiful.


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Things I'd like to see more of:
-Couples being cooked together

Scenario bits:
-Taunting the meat
-Playing with the food
-Original/creative storylines (There are so many out there)

AntagonistsToon is
-Island natives (I am originally from Hawaii :)...)
-Humanoid monsters (ogres, trolls, orcs, goblins, oni, that sort of thing)

I'm probably missing a ton of stuff, but this will do for now.

Just want to also say that the work that you, Agatha, and so many of our regulars here put toward creating new content is GREATLY appreciated. PulpToon is my one-stop-shop for fine fetish fun.

Stay healthy, stay safe and stay hungry!


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Hi Agatha,

I wanted to start off by saying that your hard work is very much appreciated. The videos you make are exceptional and delish media / pulptoons are two sites I check daily.

I would love to see a more diverse menu. While I enjoy women of every flavor, I would love to see an Indian woman as the prey. I would also like to see more Latina and Asian women end up as the main course. I loved one of you recent videos featuring Violet Rae.

To emphasize some points already made in previous comments:
  • I am only interested in female prey and prefer when the video is of a woman prepping another woman.
  • Some videos ended with the woman still roasting in the oven. I would love to see more videos that show when the woman is fully prepared and ready to be eaten. The end result with a woman in a pig pose with an apple in her mouth is exhilarating.
  • I enjoy seeing bananas and thermometers stuck in the woman during preparation.
  • I would not mind seeing the chef sample the meal more before cooking. (pussy licking, rimming, licking)
  • I prefer women being cooked in the oven but I am not opposed to spit roasting. I believe that serves as a nice change of pace. To spit a school girl featuring Daisy Del Rea is one of my favorite clips for example.
Once again thanks for all your hard work! I look forward to more videos!



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I agree with the above: see the woman cooked and served on the plate is a ALWAYS a good ending. Alternate Piggy and Turkey position, with all-round view... Nyamm


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Hi Dear Agatha,
thank you very much for all the contents you realize for this site.

I am here basically for one thing: i really like rectal temperature taking, in particular when it happens in a forced and humiliating way.
As long i will find humiliating and forced rectal temp taking inside your videos and comics i will stay here and support your works :D!

My preferred movie are cann cafe 3 and mad doctors from mars and my preffered comics are the cannigram, the town, demonclown and martian family. Amazing long and humiliating forced rectal temps inside! I hope to see more rectal temp inside your contents, maybe also OVER THE KNEE rectal temp taking and spanking could be amazing!

Thank you very much!


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Carmen Valentina


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Y'know, I was just looking back at some of the old hybrid comics like Dr. Spankenstein (still wish I knew who that model was). That was a fun, charming format that certainly could be used to appease everyone here in a variety of ways. Sure, it requires some extensive storyboarding, but it allowed for some set pieces that might be limited by set availability. Would absolutely love to see some of those come back.
Also, hey, good one everyone here. What a wholesome discussion, I'm honestly impressed.

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Thank you to those who are appreciative with your requests and respectful and not demanding, complaining twats who bitch about the site then ask for more stuff over and over with not an ounce of appreciation for anything. Critique/suggestions are taken by me when people are polite and respectful. That is how I was raised. To have manners when asking for something, whether it is free or not. So I have a Lectorian distaste for rudeness and demands. Most of you are so appreciative or just making simple suggestions without remarking on how much they hate this site now.... and those like that I will be listening to. Thank you!

The world is in a negative enough state. I have no incentive to take advice from someone who calls this site 'not worthy of being called Pulptoon anymore' :/

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It's ok. This is a good lesson for you on learning how to ask for things and I am referring to your earlier comment. Not the request, but the way you approached asking.

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TBH I'm so sick of baby face skinny school girls! We make that because so many of you like it and I like to too..super cute..just not all the time you know? School girls over and over and over gets boring lol

I like variety! But of course it is about what you like and I'm glad you guys are liking women also as well as girls. Makes it more fun to make a variety