The Town Update! APRIL 2019

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It's sad to see a great cartoon destroyed by this incest crap. I mean a guy fucking his own sister, WTF?.... And I also dislike that Mr Jordan is the father to one of the girls.
This is why I for example hate Dolcett and shit like this.

And a female chef too would be nice. Not just this extremely boring Mr Jordan.

Just my personal opinion. No hard feelings. I really mean it. I dont wish to complain because I love this site and the work you do. But one thing is for sure : incest in all it forms is disgusting in both fiction and ofc in real life and its too often I've seen how it destroys stories / cartoons and
leaves a bad aftertaste...

Roasting and boiling is disgusting just IRL though ;)

If I could draw I would made a cartoon serie with this synopis :

Because of the "climate crisis" so called climate refugees from Papua New Guinea moves in to the sleepy little Town. It doesnt take long until the first girls disappears. When searching for the girls the sheriff stumbles in to a feast where the papuans are about to roast one girl and boil another. After the first shock he agrees to taste the meat, he cant resist the fantastic smell. After a discussion with the mayor and the elders its decided to start a girlmeat resturant together with the papuans. The papuan women are fantastic chefs and they know the body of a caucasian girl inside out!

A new rule is in place. A family are allowed to keep max 1 girl. Many girls have to see a sister being collected for cooking. The resturant is a success and every night dozens of girls are cooked. Until one day when the people in the Town realizes that they have taken to much from mother nature.
They have to abandom the 1-girl-rule and now families have to give their last girl to then popular resturant.
The school is empty on girls, there are no cheerleader teams anymore, no girls jiggling on the streets , no girls to date and fuck for the boys.
That is how Part 1 ends. With a boring and dark The Town. This is the revenge for misusing the natural resources of teen girls.
So I get two actual phenomenas from real life in the story : the climate hoax and over-consumption...

In part 2 they open up a organic girl farm! Thats another story. Now The Town goes industrial and sell their farmed meat to the whole nation!

Something like that!
Fuck that I cannot draw even a stick man!

While we are all being real. I hate incest too and wish it would eat shit and die.

We wont always have it. But sometimes we have to cater to that side of the fetish.


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Sorry, but just gotta mention: I think everyone has super varied ideas on content that appeals to them. I'm not a particular incest fan myself, but I can see the allure of the taboo and get why it appeals in conjunction with a cann fetish. Its a huge difficulty with cann content in general, that it is an extremely varied community and interest range. I find 90% of what I see content-wise as cliched and boring, but I try to keep my mouth shut because I appreciate what others like or find tantalizing.

As an example (not to be rude); The tribal cann fantasy has always struck me as incredibly boring, cliched, and honestly racist, moreso than even the incest stuff offends. I have never once been turned on by anything tribal or post-apocalyptic, because the very nature (in my mind) of what's interesting about my cannibal fetish is that it DOESN'T rely on necessity for food or miscommunication between cultures. I find any cann content that follows that, or is race related to be borderline offensive for my own personal reasons, but I have to remind myself that there is an interest in that content, and that people can't control what they love. Not everyone has to love my interest in modern day situations, medieval situations, and stories like Celebrity Dining. And as long as it all remains fantasy, no one focus bothers me.

I don't envy anyone trying to make content for this fetish, because I think even within the fetish people are extremely picky, bordering on judgmental, which I find hilarious for a fetish that is already about eating people. So I would only caution that we judge based only on people's attitudes, not on the content and interests they possess. (so long as it all remains fantasy).