The Maidens Three

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Once upon a kink there were three luscious maidens, Elsa, Gretel and Sable. The sisters lived with their mother in a cottage in the woods, and never had there ever been sisters quite so different, yet all equally ravishing.

After falling upon hard times, the girls have decided to take the matter of their family's finical woe into their own hands....and get jobs.

Just kidding. Ha! What sort of story would THAT be? The sisters decide, of course, to go after a dangerous old ogre's gold. Each sister has their own method of what they think will work to outsmart Trym, the hungry girl eating ogre who lives deep in the perilous magic woods. But as each sister tries her hand at stealing the monster's gold, Trym starts to enjoy a buffet of young, virginal girl meat. Lusty Elsa and tough Gretel are no match for the monster, but clever Sable comes up with a plan...will she get her and her sisters out alive? Find out in this wild adventure of humiliation, gynophagia, peril and bondage.

Art by Tejlor

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