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After The Side Dish came out i thought it may be a little bit untill yall outdue yourselves, but damn was I wrong

Loved how Alex was prepped in a number of positions and that there were adequate tasting. The chef got to dig in a little bit which was awesome too. Silly chef obviously didn't cook her long enough since alex molly whopped him haha. I get that he wanted her still alive, BUT jeeez guy lol.

Alex by far has the best body I've ever seen featured on pulptoon/delish media.


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Food handling safety during preparation is really important. So many kitchen accidents are preventable!

Always keep your entree properly restrained during handling and make sure it has reached a proper 350 degrees internal temperature before serving.

And keep sharp implements out of reach at all times!


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Went and watched it last night...I liked it! specially the twist at the end...I will not give the ending away. I also noticed that the models don't have tats which is a welcomed change too.



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Woah, those two are maybe the hottest couple I have ever seen in one of your videos. No, really, I'm not even bi, but I think they are both prime examples of their respective gender. And I like their acting, too!


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I like this format.

It's more natural as a setting, which I think lends some authenticity to an otherwise ridiculous premise (I mean that in a good way).

Alex Coal was great. So was Mike Panic.

I liked the idea of adding the cuts between Alex in the oven and Mike interacting with her from the outside. Maybe the cuts in editing were a little too quick and sharp, but the idea helped bridge context better overall with Alex in an Oven, that oven in Mikes kitchen. (if that makes sense).


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Love the preview honey, and what a yummy looking morsel, would love to dine on her, them thighs look very edible indeed and them breasts need suckling;)