Tasty new Kaiia and Dominant Kyaa in brand new MOVIE!

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We present two brand new movies following bashful Kaiia Eve and dominant, tall Dr. Kyaa Chimera.

The Bashful Patient:

Young lesbian Kaiia Eve has a women’s checkup with a hot doctor, Dr. Kyaa Chimera. Kaiia is very nervous. She finds the sexy, tall Doctor extremely attractive and has only been with one other woman before. The shy, alternative student braves through her bashfulness and follows Dr. Chimera’s orders as she is told to undress after the preliminary exam. Kaiia is examined by the Dr. very closely as she toys with the girl’s vagina, testing it’s responsiveness. Shy Kaiia cannot help herself as the Dr. stimulates her. Then it is time for the rectal thermometer. This is almost too much for Kaiia but she moans softly as her tight butt hole is poked and the Dr. declares her healthy. Then it is time for a urine test. This must be done in front of the Dr. to make sure it is not tampered with, Dr. makes blushing Kaiia PEE right in front of her. Kaiia has certainly never had an exam quite like this.

Kaiia's Case of 'T.T':

Part 2 of 'The Bashful Patient', tasty young lesbian alt girl Kaiia Eve has been diagnosed by a kinky hot doctor, Kyra Chimera, with a case of TT, (terminal tastiness). Kaiia does not learn what this means until it is too late. The sadistic lesbian doctor takes Kaiia to a special kitchen for 'treatment'. This is where Kaiia learns, after being restrained, that the only cure for TT is to be cooked and eaten! There are a class of medical un-professionals who fancy themselves a cut above the general public. They take more of a hypocritical oath as appose to a Hippocratic oath. Their biggest hypocrisy is that they eat their own kind. But not just any kind...tasty women who are fit, young, healthy and untraceable. 5 out of 10 young women suffer from TT...they suffer in a hot oven before their betters devour them. These particular doctors know just how healthy and life-extending girl meat is.

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