Feast of the Demonclown [UPDATED FOR HALLOWEEN!]


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Wow! Wonderful story!
One of the most beautiful comics ever seen!
The girl is tender, naive, virginal and beautiful!
Congratulations to Pulptoon for the idea and the story and the drawings!


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ok....no one will believe me, but when I saw the girl from this comic... .. she is the same, but just like my neighbor girl, eyes, face, body, freckles, the same age, tits!
My neighbor girl always wears shorts ... and her ass is the same as this girl in comic!

All incredible, but true!


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Yikes! At least he's targeting the more snack sized meals among us, I'd hate to see what he'd do to a main course!


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perhaps because, with a girl so beautiful and fleshy, it is enough to put it in the pot and the meat soup is delicious anyway.
This teen is delicious cooked and raw, in sushi, also! Ummmhhh gmam gnam !!!


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As a long time horror movie fan. I can appreciate the portmanteau names of the "writers" of the screenplay.
Wes Carpenter = Wes Craven( A Nightmare on Elmstreet 1984) and John Carpenter ( Halloween (1978) and it's first sequel (this tells us that we're dealing with slashers,
the second name tells us we're in for b-movie shlock in the best possible way
Corman Castle Jr.= In reference to B Movie Kingpin producer /director Roger Corman , prolific sure, but as a director and producer he has a reputation for being a cheapskate and a major skuzzball.
Wiliam Castle :a director and producer who never met a gimmick he didn't like The Tingler with Vincent Price being a prime example. He is probably most famous now for being producer on Rosemary's Baby.
Keep in mind most of the info came from a book I read a year or two ago called Shock Value by Jason Zinoman. great read for any one who wants a primer on how the hell the horror genre got started... and got popular
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