1. Sam Vs The Snake

    Sam couldn’t help but laugh. The snake had placed her under its control with hypnosis. She had begged and pleaded only 5 minutes ago for the snake not eat her delicious tender pale white meaty body. But now she handed her meat over on a silver platter. The Snake smoothly coiled around her and...
  2. Manips

    Tbh I’m getting bored of posting manips on deviantart. So I’m going to start posting some of them on here. if you want to see the full gallery : https://www.deviantart.com/voremenu Ive not been doing these long but would welcome any feedback
  3. Cann Cafe 6: Serving My sister Part 1 and 2

    Lexi is a popular streamer and makeup guru online and lives in the infamous Town where the Cann Cafe resides. She refuses to give a thought to the system of the town or how messed up it is. After all, everything has been working well for her. She is popular and loved and never breaks the rules...
  4. Cann Cafe 4 'boiled Brat!'

    Check it out here!
  5. Cousin's First Hunger

    Web and Anastasia are cousins. Web happens to be staying with Anastasia and her parents and going to school in her town. But Web has had a crush on Anastasia for a while, who he finds very pretty and forbidden. He also has a dark fantasy involving his cousin that he is afraid to reveal...
  6. Yuri Kuma Arashi stuff?!

    Can someome please tell me why no one has really done anything with this yet? I mean just watch the first three episodes and there is some neat ideas for potential cann stuff. Bear demigirls eating humans up because "its what we do!" is such a great setup. So why is there almost no fanart...
  7. The Dragon