1. 'Field Reporter' New Comic Up

    We follow the story of a busty and curvy redhead who is on a mission to report on an untamed land. She is about to become the plaything and sustenance to a tribe of women eaters who also seem to like head...the heads of women! See what happens in this sordid comic by Dr. Curare: 'Field Reporter'
  2. Scam Alert!

    New Comic by Jose! We present part one of a tale from The Town, (a perverse place of perilous delights where the old feed upon the young sexually and literally!). When the wholesome, young house wife Angela lets the wrong people into her home, she ends up being the main course of a kinky...
  3. Cann Cafe 6: Serving My sister Part 1 and 2

    Lexi is a popular streamer and makeup guru online and lives in the infamous Town where the Cann Cafe resides. She refuses to give a thought to the system of the town or how messed up it is. After all, everything has been working well for her. She is popular and loved and never breaks the rules...

    Pulptoon presents a brand new series of tumultuous adventure and tantalizing kink! Our tale starts with two girls exploring the ruins of an abandoned government facility. Adventurous Karen convinces her timid and wary freind Amy to follow her onto the condemned land. The infamous bunker X is...